Our choice: digibet Pferdesportpark Karlshorst

Good hosts will always strive to welcome their guests in beautiful surroundings and with a maximum of preparation. Thus we have chosen „digibet Pferdesportpark Berlin Karlshorst“ as the ideal venue where a storied past meets our time, with a professional infrastructure that leaves nothing to be desired and where we can offer to our horses and riders, officials and sponsors and – last but not least – to the general public an ideal setting for what will be a unique World Championships experience.

Berlin with its 3.4 million citizens and 1.6 million more in adjacent communities is a perfect base not only with great potential for the Icelandic Horse within that „hometown crowd“ but to make a lasting impression which we will all benefit from even beyond the regional (and national) borders. We are certain to combine the fascination of our horses with the creative possibilities of Berlin to make these World Championships a successful endeavor.

Success is a term we should not shy away from, it needs to be our goal with all the different facets and opportunities in which success can be accomplished. Sensible and responsible dealing with all financial issues is key, and through creating a solid foundation with the backing of the strong forces within and behind a well-
structured organization, IPZV e.V. and FEIF as the international federation and framework, we will succeed.

Here are some interesting and relevant facts about Berlin and the equestrian center of choice, „digibet Pferdesportpark Berlin Karlshorst“: We will be right next to an installation with parks and forests of 6 square kilometers in size. The venue itself is located in Berlin‘s Lichtenberg and Treptow/ Köpenick districts and it‘s only a matter of minutes to get from the station right outside the entrance at Karlhorst to such famous places and sights as the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and Alexanderplatz. Karlshorst is also a mere 9 minutes away by local train from the brand-new Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (Berlin‘s only remaining airport after the closure of Tempelhof and Tegel and after the completion of „BBI“ in 2011).

Our World Championship grounds are integrated into the excellent public transportation network of the German capital and are accessible via cable car, train and subway, making connections to and from Karlshorst effortlessly easy.