Our motivation for hosting the 2013 World Championships

„Welcoming the World as our Friends“ – it is that very basic idea which has been remembered to this day since Germany hosted the World Championships in soccer a few years ago. What was a true phenomenon back then is the kind of positive spirit and energy that still lives on and upon which we would love to build the World Championships for Icelandic Horses in Germany in 2013. Let us join in our capital city of Berlin – with IPZV as your partner, host and friend – to celebrate our shared passion.

Having attempted for a long time to present the fascination of these very special horses to a larger audience, Berlin will be the ideal venue to finally not only congregate in the spirit of the motto of FEIF – „Bringing people together in their passion for the Icelandic horse“ – but to actually make new friends and actively grow the interest in our beautiful sport. When we scouted a variety of possible locations for an event as important, prestigious and close to our hearts as the World Championships for Icelandic Horses, one candidate was a clear stand-out: Berlin Karlshorst which offers the perfect combination of a historical backdrop and today’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, thus creating an optimal environment for our horses and riders in the summer of 2013.

Berlin is the ideal stage for our breeding and sports competitions, and thanks to its geographical location in the heart of Europe it is easily accessible to all participants, volunteers and guests. With the help of strong partners, generous sponsors and comprehensive media support, we will be able to take a giant step forward altogether in providing the visibility and publicity the Icelandic Horse has not yet had but which it deserves. Our stadium of choice is perfect in its technical infrastructure, its tracks for both competition and training, paddock and rest areas as well as many kilometers of directly connected riding paths. Karlshorst offers us enough space for everything from riders’ and horses’ quarters to shops, offices and buildings for all “social occasions” as well.

Combine that setting with the world’s best Icelandic Horses, presented by young as well as senior and established riders from up to 18 member countries of FEIF and you have a winner.

Let us set the course together for a successful World Championships in 2013 and let us take this unique opportunity to truly “go public” with the Icelandic Horse. Joining forces between FEIF as a global player, IPZV as the national federation in its home country of Germany and a professional and motivated organizing committee, Berlin can and will set new standards – respectful of our shared values and traditions yet clearly looking ahead to the future!