My Horse in Berlin

Who hasn't dreamed of this? A beautiful Icelandic Horse in your own garden - robust and easy to take care of, colorful, present and presentable on 365 days of the year. The Berlin World Championships in 2013 are turning this wish into reality now. 

Alongside an artist named Julia Aatz (, we have conceived, modeled and begun to produce in volume a life-sized sculpture of an Icelandic Horse. Now is your chance to bring home your own "Icelander", to design him based on your own taste and artistic creativity … and then please come to the German capital of Berlin in August of 2013 to take part in the World Championships together with him.

It is our own dream - with this project "My Horse in Berlin" - not only to offer you such a uniquely beautiful sculpture, the purchase of which supports the upcoming World Championships, but we would love nothing more than to create a wide open green pasture at our venue with a great many of these colorful pieces of art in order to showcase them to an international audience.

Whether you decide that this may serve as your own personal pleasure or whether it may be used as an outstanding piece of advertising for your farm or business, for your products or services - come aboard and secure your own horse for Berlin now.


Our World Championship’s artist Julia Aatz is one of the top names for a very professional design of your Iceland horse. Don’t hesitate to contact her in order to discuss your individual and favorite design.  If desired, Julia Aatz will also make the transport arrangements for your finished painted sculpture to Berlin so that you can participate at the said exhibition and promote yourself.