Welcome to Berlin - Anne Stine, Agnar & Johannes say hello

12-May-2012 11:12

World Championships approaching fast - video message from Anne Stine Haugen, Agnar Snorri Stefánsson and Johannes Hoyos in their respective languages.

ISICUP's Dina a great fan of Berlin 2013

20-Apr-2012 09:39

Dina Rosenberg Asmussen is looking forward to Berlin - World Championship infos and updates also available at all ISICUP events.

World Championships present at Ice Tölt in the Alps

22-Mar-2012 08:01

Friends of WM 2013 get latest updates at ice competition in Oberstdorf, one of Germany's finest ski resorts.

Karly secures ticket to Berlin, wins charity auction

11-Mar-2012 09:14

IPZV President pledges 3,400 Euros to support good cause, winning bid for WM 2013 horse sculpture.

Anne Stine Haugen: "Love competing in Germany"

24-Jan-2012 09:45

Reigning World Champion in four-gait looking forward to coming to Berlin in summer of 2013.

Inspirational Award for our WM committee

17-Jan-2012 15:39

Carsten Eckert and Thomas Schiller accept "BlessAward for Inspiration, Motivation and Commitment" on behalf of their WM 2013 organizing committee.

Berlin remains hot topic - great coverage in Iceland

12-Jan-2012 12:49

Happy New Year to all friends near and far! Great to see that the anticipation for Berlin 2013 is still going strong - especially in Iceland, as shown in current press coverage.

Ístölt in Reykjavík: "We're all going to Berlin!"

04-Jan-2012 14:41

Presentation of 2013 World Championships at event in Reykjavík, Frauke Schenzel participating as "active ambassador", Sigurður Sæmundsson a great fan of Berlin.

Merry Christmas, Katja - Congrats on winning a saddle + ticket

23-Dec-2011 18:36

Happy coincidence for a merry Christmas: rider from Berlin wins Hrímnir saddle and a ticket to WM 2013.

Hrímnir joins WM 2013 as Sponsor & Ambassador

16-Nov-2011 10:50

Another fantastic partnership: Carsten Eckert and Fritz Finke forge close cooperation with Rúnar Þór Guðbrandsson, owner of the internationally acclaimed Hrímnir saddle brand.