19-Jul-2013 16:30

Berlin getting ready - construction underway

The opening of WM 2013 is only 15 days away now and it's quite apparent at the Karlshorst Equestrian Center that there's a major event in the making. Not only has the venue itself been cleaned up and beautified perfectly, but now it's time for us to start building all stands and get started on the shopping village, all paddocks, showers for the horses and the big riders' camps as well.

Everything is moving along really well, and we will keep you updated on the progress the WM arena is making. All information on the event itself is available here on this website, of course. Although all categories of seats are filling up nicely and we're very happy with close to 10,000 (!) seats pre-booked, there's still an availability of tickets in all categories (inluding HorsePower, the grand opening ceremony).

Please check the ticketing section and get yours now!

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