Attention to detail = key to success

It will be a top priority to have the organization of the World Championships for Icelandic Horses managed professionally, and so the responsibility lies with the experienced senior level of the German Icelandic Horse Federation – IPZV e.V. – which presides over far more than 20,000 enthusiastic members.

IPZV is represented by its board of directors: Karly Zingsheim (Chairman/President), Peter Nagel (Vice-President) and Fritz Finke (Treasurer / Chief of World Championship Operations). They will join forces with a team of professionals – Easy TOP Event GmbH – whose experienced and highly knowledgeable protagonists, Carsten Eckert and Bernhard Fliß, will be assigned with the realization of the World Championships.

Knowing full well that such World Championships are not held free from any kind of past or future, encapsulated for the duration of one week in August only, we will take into good consideration the living memories of a colorful history and will also aid in preparing a passing of the torch to those who will be chosen for the next event in 2015. Active dialogue with Karl Piber and his Austrian crew of the 2011 World Championships is a clear given as well.

We are aware of the major responsibility such a task entails, but we accept this challenge with a great deal of respect and motivation!