Our venue: digibet Pferdesportpark Karlshorst

IPZV with Berlin as the chosen venue would like to literally „take to town“ the World Championships for Icelandic Horses for the very first time – in a city which is unparalleled in its atmosphere of international openness, global and intercultural dialogue and where a spirit of very powerful dynamics can be felt unlike any other location.

Contrary to all previous World Championships, we want to take this step towards a greater public, conscious of all the positive attention we will be able to garner for the Icelandic Horse in general. In order to accomplish that goal which will allow all of us under the umbrella of FEIF to grow and develop further our ideas and ideals of and for our very special breed, we will be assisted by a wide variety of media partners and public organizations/institutions in the Berlin area and throughout Germany to have the support and visibility needed to make this possible.

The foundation of this event are and will remain its sports and breeding competitions. These have always been and will always be performed at their highest levels and standards, creating major excitement not only with „insiders“ of the Icelandic Horse scene but also by grabbing the attention of those who might be new to the world of tölt altogether.